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What We Offer

HedgeNickel is world’s first cryptocurrency designed for next generation Global Hedge Funds, Private Equity Companies, Venture Capital Funds. HedgeNickel is your investment medium for the 21st Century. Standalone it is your investment vehicle which you can use for POS Mining. In addition, you can use your HedgeNickels to buy stakes upcoming Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Funds.

We are a team of experienced Hedge Fund managers who would like to bring traditional investing to the Cryptocurrency domain and define an investment medium for world to contribute in next generation Digital Hedge and other Funds. We would like to leverage cryptocurrency revolution and offer a truly digital medium to invest in best the world has to offer.

Our team of experienced Hedge Fund managers offer a cumulative experience of over 50 years of managing US and UK hedge funds. Traditional hedge funds have limitation of boundaries and our team would like to offer vehicle for next generation digital funds which is boundary-less and enable HedgeNickel Holders to invest from anywhere.

Cryptocurrency provides the means for this truly innovative leap forward.

  • HedgeFund Experience 97%
  • Cryptocurrency Expertise 98%
  • Innovative Idea 100%

Our Value Proposition


Secure Investment Unit

HedgeNickel is designed to give you basic units for your investments in Crypto-Hedge Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Financial Markets. These Hedge Funds are expected to be truly global using cryptocurrency and will be boundary-less.

Consolidate Your Holdings

HedgeNickel offer you variety of ways to earn returns. You can use your HedgeNickel to do POS Mining as well as buy stake in next generation Hedge and Venture Funds, which will enable two earnings streams simultaneously for you.

Three Tier Return

HedgeNickel offers you three tier returns on your purchased coins. Use your HedgeNickel coins in Hedge Funds or PoS Mining and earn more HedgeNickels and see your investement value appreciate as HedgeNickel becomes a irresistable medium of investment management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hedge Nickel is state of the art investment vehicle. It is the first cryptocurrency designed to invest in and consolidate your holdings in altcoin, which can be further invested to buy investment units of Hedge Funds, Venture Funds, Stock Markets of the future. Please send us an email or call us to buy HedgeNickel. Your HedgeNickel wallet will be available for download on May 10th, 2017.  Once you have your wallet, you can actively trade your HedgeNickels as well as invest your HedgeNickel for POS mining.

Whether you are aiming for alt coin trading or plan to invest your savings in Hedge Funds for a long term, HedgeNickel is your investment vehicle. It is open source, secure and completely anonymous. Your HedgeNickel coins and related investments are owned and managed by you, the way you want to manage them. It is not controlled by restrictive policies of any institution. This brings the level of freedom, you always wanted.

How can I buy HedgeNickel?

We have an exclusive deal of “Buy 02 HedgeNickel Coins and Get 01 HedgeNickel Coin Free” until May 10, 2017. Please send us an email or call our Helpline to get details on how to purchase HedgeNickel coins. You can also buy through our Merchant Portal using your credit card, which will be enabled from March 01, 2017. All of your transactions information will be secure and anonymous.

When will I be able to use my HedgeNickels?

On your initial purchase of HedgeNickels, you will be sent a confirmation of your purchase along with the details of your HedgeNickel coins. Your HedgeNickel wallet will be available for download on May 10, 2017. Once you have downloaded your wallet you can start making your transactions through your wallet. Your transactions will automatically be loaded on the activation of your wallet.

How safe are my HedgeNickel coins?

Your purchase is 100% secure in HedgeNickel. That is why we have launched our exclusive campaign on Indigogo for the initial period till your wallet are available with you. Like Bitcoin, it is based on blockchain technology, which is open source and is not controlled by any entity or group. All transactions are completely anonymous and managed by the blockchain software, without any human intervention. For more details and queries, please get in touch with us.

We love to hear from you

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service representative will respond to you as soon as possible