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Join HedgeNickel Ecosystem

Invest money

Decide how much would you like to invest and make your purchase at Indigogo. Link to the campaign is given below:

Or your can either call us on our helpline or send us an email. Our Financial Consultant will contact you and guide you through the process.

Buy HedgeNickel and create your first transaction

Once you got your confirmation email, you would have completed your purchase transaction. You will also be sent a paper wallet key for your purchases, which you need to store securely.

Install and launch HedgeNickel Wallet, once it is available for download on May 10, 2017. As soon as you install your wallet, your HedgeNickel balance will be available for use.

Get the latest HedgeNickel Wallet and source code

E- Wallet for HedgeNickel wallet for iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems will be available for download on May 10, 2017. Download your wallet to get started.

Get to know your HedgeNickel ecosystem and POS Mining process

Let us know and we will send you our “Getting Started” document. This will offer details of basics of Cryptocurrency, how to stay anonymous, how to use your HedgeNickel wallet and what to expect from your HedgeNickel Coins.